CWS System

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CWS System

CW Studios puts a fresh new spin on capturing images by providing new tools and methods that allow for stunning photography at an affordable price. Please take some time and download the PDF or review the web version of our user guide to optimize your experience with our system.

The CWS Photography System was designed to be a helpful tool to be used by both aspiring and veteran models and photographers a like. The studio is a tool… the images and results are created by you! Feel free to experiment and break the boundaries of photography. Play with near limitless combination’s of effects, colors and lights. Treat yourself and clients to exclusive backdrops and poses created specific to the CWS Photography System.


  • over 200+ exclusive preloaded backdrops
  • ability to add your own textures from full permission textures
  • custom texture feature
  • easy preloaded pack loading (cws packs only)
  • 12 different color fogs and
  • 3 fog positions
  • 9 different color fires
  • 9 different colors for rain
  • 9 sparkling colors
  • 9 aura colors
  • 9 vortex colors
  • 6 specialty particle effects
  • 9 glowing lights colors
  • main studio lighting with 3 intensities and 12 colors
  • 3 sub lights (12 colors)
  • 3 levels of radiance
  • 8 backdrop sizes/modes
  • 21 color tints
  • 9 scales (perfect for patterns!)
  • public and private modes controlled by an access list
  • 50 exclusive poses and 110 bonus poses
  • standing prop camera
  • 1 HUD (connect up to 12 separate studios – mod/trans)
  • texture selector (mod/copy rezzable version)
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