Archived – Contest – Halloween 2009

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Archived – Contest – Halloween 2009

Congratulations to Our Winners!

  I want to thank everyone that participated in out Halloween 2009 Contest!
It was VERY hard to choose two winners so I picked three!

1st Place

Looker Lumet – Ethereal Ghost
The use of a transparent layer is breath taking when done right!
The soft ghost against the dark night is what made this image our winner.
I loved the lighting contrast and attention to detail.

Runner Up

Nickee Ninetails - I surrender
Cheshire Photography@Cheshire (207, 215, 505)
“Caught by surprise, the vixen spirit stops dead in her tracks, complete with the deer in the headlights look. She knows she’s caught, and surrenders completely.”- All Hallows Eve, 2009
Once more the use of light is spectacular!
The vixen stops dead in her tracks – I wonder who caught her?

Honorable Mention

krisbiiin2626 Daidig - Creepy



The spider crawls in or out – one can only wonder looking into her dead lifeless eyes…
Upon opening my inbox I screamed like a little girl and about wet my pants…