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Alluring Pose Set

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New*mini* pose set now available in-world and on the marketplace!

Only $400L | Singles sell for $95L in-world only

Backdrops not yet on SL Marketplace

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I haven’t added the backdrops to the SL Marketplace yet, they are the only product left for me to add :) I’m still working on that new pose pack ~ should be 10 female poses once I finish.

New Site Launched

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Welcome to the new site! Took a while to develop but I hope you find it helpful! I have moved from a Joomla! to a WordPress platform since it better suites the direction I plan on heading in. With the daily demands of my life and career I just don’t have time to I create and develop new products like I have in the past. I’m hoping to design a new pose pack by the end of the year.

Site Updates & SIM

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Still working on fixing the site up. I’m still adding a lot of content but as soon as I get the support section in order I will allow the site to go live. In other news, I still have 1/2 the SIM open for rent. Contact me for details :)

- Quatre

Archived – MODAVIA – Fashion Photographer 2009

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CW Studios is happy to sponsor


Archived – Contest – Halloween 2009

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Congratulations to Our Winners!

  I want to thank everyone that participated in out Halloween 2009 Contest!
It was VERY hard to choose two winners so I picked three!

1st Place

Looker Lumet – Ethereal Ghost
The use of a transparent layer is breath taking when done right!
The soft ghost against the dark night is what made this image our winner.
I loved the lighting contrast and attention to detail.

Runner Up

Nickee Ninetails - I surrender
Cheshire Photography@Cheshire (207, 215, 505)
“Caught by surprise, the vixen spirit stops dead in her tracks, complete with the deer in the headlights look. She knows she’s caught, and surrenders completely.”- All Hallows Eve, 2009
Once more the use of light is spectacular!
The vixen stops dead in her tracks – I wonder who caught her?

Honorable Mention

krisbiiin2626 Daidig - Creepy



The spider crawls in or out – one can only wonder looking into her dead lifeless eyes…
Upon opening my inbox I screamed like a little girl and about wet my pants…



Archived – Contest – BOSL June 2009 Cover

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BOSL Shoot The Cover Contest

CW Studios was proud to sponsor the BOSL June 2009 Cover Contest!

Congrats to Divine Nitely for her lovely images! You can visit Divine in-world at her studio!

 Contest Details :

The Best of SL brings you a new and unique photo competition to find the greatest photographers in Second Life. We’re looking for beautifully crafted photographs of the Mr. Virtual World Competition finalists. Mr. Virtual World is a competition to find the the sexiest males on the Grid. One photograph featuring one model will be selected for the prizes.


The winner will be the photographer for the cover of The Best of SL Magazine for the June 2009 issue featuring the winner of Mr. Virtual World and will receive a $10,000L Gift Card from CW Studios, a premiere Second Life photo studio, equipment and pose company.

Website Changes

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A website revamp is underway! Due to a PHP upgrade on the hosting server our JOOMLA! site pretty much bit the dust a few months back. This finally gave me the excuse I wanted to move to a wordpress blog format. This way I can be more interactive with the community when it comes to product announcements and the like. You will also notice I am placing my products on SL Marketplace and providing direct links. This will take some time due to the nature of the beast, I still need to update and create package for a number of my products.

- Quatre