Photography System

Help I’m new and have no idea what to do!

No fear! Download and read the user guide, first if you do not have a PDF reader go ahead and download Adobes Free Reader – Free Adobe Reader

Then download the User Guide

My system pose stand does not work

First thing make sure the name in your pose stand notecard and the name of your studio match (Copy/Paste to make sure). Also make sure you have reset your studio to allow for the name change. If you have done all that and the pose stand is still not responding, do a sync with your HUD. Connect the system to your HUD and test the pose stand controls on the HUD. The HUD will perform an “auto-sync” and will allow for you to re-gain control over your pose stand controls (both on the HUD and on the stand).

The HUD is not picking up a certain studio

Make sure you are within 20m of any system you wish to connect to. Also make sure you have not already connected to that studio. If you did a name change you will need to disconnect the studio (the one you changed the name of) and then the HUD will allow for a new proper connection.

OMG the studio will not respond to any commands! HUD or Manual!

Make sure you can run scripts on the land you have rezzed the studio on. If you are not getting a bluedrop down menu when you click on the control panel it is either because scripts have been disabled or an important menu script has been deleted. If you have deleted a script, rezz a new studio.

I received this error message : (llDialog: button labels must be 24 or fewer characters long)

This message can appear because of two reasons:

1)That error message is letting you know your studio name is so long it is interfering with the syncing of your studio. Remember to keep your studio name under 24 characters. I suggest no more than 10 for easy display. Change your studio name, the name in the pose stand card and reset the studio. Then you can connect the studio to the HUD and regain functionality.

2)That error message is letting you know your custom texture names are so long it is interfering with the displaying of your textures. Remember to keep your texture names under 24 characters. I suggest no more than 10 for easy display. Fix the length and reset the studio.

My pose stand is NOT spinning – even though I can change poses

Currently I have only received one case of this occurring, my solution is to deleted the pose stands not work and rezz new ones. Then make sure you follow the steps to sync.

AH! Where did my HUD go? I attached it but can not see it!

Make sure you “wear” the CWS System HUD and do not attach it on another part of you Heads Up Display.
Else you HUD make appear to be missing when you attach it. To try and get that run away HUD try these steps:
- Right Click EDIT on another HUD you have attached, such as an Animation Override
- Zoom in/out with your mouse wheel until you see the HUD
- Click on the HUD and position it into your viewing screen

How do I access the pose stands HIDE/SHOW commands?

You must use the HUD to hide/show the pose stand, else you purchase separate public controls and use those. No chat commands are used (this is so you do not have to remember various channels).

My stand will NOT hide it shows up red! But everything else is working!

You have currently turn on “highlight transparent” go to VIEW> HIGHLIGHT TRANSPARENT to turn this off and completely hide the pose stand.

Help my system pose stand came empty!

Currently we have only had this happen once but I have found any items content may end up empty due to SL Asset Failure. If this occurs and rezzing a new stand does not help, please feel free to send me (Quatre Nemeth) a notecard or email and I will be happy to send you a stand and content replacement box.